p e r m a n e n t h i a t u s
So I've finally decided to place this blog under a permanent hiatus after months of lying wide awake at night on my bed, kicking and turning as I tried to come to the conclusion whether this was for the best or not.

I've enjoyed my time here, and I do hope you all have as well. Honestly, Armin was the first muse who I truly felt that was actually a part of me. Every day during school I would take out a little notepad and write musings, or doodled him, or even had weird little arguments with him over the silliest things.

But it's time for me to go -- for us to go. I won't go into details, and if you're truly interested the most I'll say is that if I can't take real life at the moment I sure won't be able to take more unnecessary pressure.

So I'm really, really sorry to all those threads I have never replied to, to those starters that have been sitting on my drafts forever.

Who knows? Maybe we'll meet each other again somewhere.

For now, though, goodbye.